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Fat people and mobility/flexibility—- it exists! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve ran past people in P.E. classes, and heard them snicker. Things about my body causing the earth to quake, or other really hateful unnecessary things. When I made the cut for soccer before the fifty other kids it was literally bewildering to most. It always has been, other than to the people who know me and see how apparent my abilities are.
That’s another thing, if I was ever right or better at something or made a joke that made more people laugh the immediate response was…
Well, you’re fat.
Why don’t you go eat something
Shut up, fatass.
At least I’m not fat.
Fatty runnin’! Lookout, coming through!
Oh gosh, the thoughtless remarks are endless, and usually along the same lines. It’s so silly that something that took absolutely no real thought to come up with can sting so badly. It’s not true, it was never true, and I knew that but that didn’t change the way it felt to be looked down upon simply for the extra fat I was carrying around—- and carrying well.
Nowadays on the soccer field when someone makes a comment about how I’m taking up more space than I should be allowed, I don’t feel that familiar ache to be something I’m not. I can just shake my head and know that this person is internalizing something that really has nothing to do with the way I look.
Isn’t it funny, too, how the same assholes will swear up and down that they are just worried about your health? Fat hate runs deep, friends. Fight it with flaming fists of fury.

it doesn’t change anything you’re still fat and that makes you unhealthy.

I’m sorry, what was that? I couldn’t hear you over your extreme assholery. It sounded like you were over there not knowing anything about my personal health, but pretending to. That would be pretty dumb considering you’re probably not a doctor and you’ve definitely never given me any sort of evaluation. If you think you can tell how healthy I am by just seeing that I’m fat, I’m sorry to say you’ve been grossly misinformed. Bummer city for you, jerk.

<3 <3 <3

Whoa, there, maybe you should sit down and shut the fuck up. It’s a fact that people who are active, regardless of weight, will live healthier lives than someone who lives a sedentary life style, regardless of weight. She has made perfectly clear that she plays soccer. so you can go ahead and believe whatever the fuck you want, but the odds are she is healthier than most people, you fuck. 

“He’ll come to me. I’m more important to him now than you’ll ever be”
American History X (1998)Tony Kaye